POA Network (POA) launched POA Bridge and POA20

Today in «Cryptocurrency events» category we reported that POA Network was going to launch POA Bridge and POA20.

The POA Bridge is an interoperability protocol that will allow a user to convert their own POA Native Tokens from the POA Network onto the Ethereum network in a quick and cost-efficient manner.

POA20 is an ERC20 representation of POA native tokens on Ethereum network. The POA20 token displays the exact same properties as the standard ERC20 token and allows it to be used in all the same places that offer ERC20 compatibility.

POA Network launched a fully functional 2-way bridge with Ethereum and made a $1M live transaction from POA network to ERC-20 version POA20.

You can join the live stream now↓

[videopress NAzHNnvx]

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