Quadrant Protocol (EQUAD) has launched its mainnet, EQUAD tokens are unlocked and listed on Coinbene

Quadrant Protocol (EQUAD), a blockchain-based protocol that maps and authenticates data encouraging innovation and data utilisation, announced on November 22 the launch of its Mainnet, opening up its data authentication technology to public and private organisations.

Quadrant Protocol drives Quadrant.io and will be used by organisations to authenticate the data they purchase and use, helping them make better, more accurate business decisions. Quadrant Protocol uses Blockchain to stamp data with a unique signature, thereby ensuring that any changes, duplication or falsification cannot be done without the user’s knowledge, and data can be traced right back to its source.

Quadrant Protocol forms part of Quadrant.io, a company that enables organisations to drive innovation and opportunity by providing solutions to their data challenges through actionable, authentic data. Quadrant.io works with businesses and governments to pinpoint the data problems they experience and provides solutions through its data sourcing platform and its data authentication technology.

Since May 2018 Quadrant Protocol have worked with a select group of customers during their testing (Testnet) phase and have now made the protocol available to all organisations through its Mainnet.

On November 21, the Quadrant product team announced that EQUAD tokens were unlocked.

Additionally, on November 22, EQUAD was listed on crypto exchange Coinbene. The available trading pair is EQUAD/BTC. Trading is now live. At press time, EQUAD is trading at 0.000000825 BTC (≈ $0.0036) on Coinbene. Withdrawal will open on November 23 11:00 (GMT+8).

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