QuarkChain (QKC) Quiz will open on May 22

QuarkChain (QKC) is a peer-to-peer transactional system that aims to achieve million of transactions per second.

The key features of QuarkChain are as follows:

  • Anti-Centralized Horizontal Stability Expansion.
  • Cross-Shard Transactions.
  • Unified Account Management.
  • The QuarkChain consists of two layers of blockchains. It applies elastic sharding blockchains (shards) as the first layer, and a root blockchain that confirms the blocks from the shards as the second layer.

Those who would like to participate in QuarkChain ICO, should pass the KYC process. The KYC process started on May 7, 2018 will end on May 21.

Public sale date depends on the whitelist/KYC speed. Projected date is still late May/ Early June. A person will have the opportunity to participate the public sale only after getting whitelisted.

QuarkChain Quiz will open on May 22, from 12:00am to 11:59pm PST. Everyone who’ve passed the KYC is welcomed to take the quiz. If KYC status is pending by May 22(quiz opening day), you can also take the quiz, but the score counts only when you pass the KYC. The quiz information will be distributed through QuarkChain KYC bot.

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