QuarkChain (QKS) updates the token release shedule

QuarkChain (QKC) is a peer-to-peer transactional system that aims to achieve million of transactions per second.

According to reports that began to appear in different chats, QuarkChain has recently updated its token release schedule and instead of releasing tokens on the 4th of September 2018, will instead delay the token release to “Early June 2019″…or offer a refund to those who doesn’t not agree with the updated schedule.

Below are the two options QuarkChain offers (for unreleased 80% tokens):

Release 30% tokens after 9 months (Early June 2019), 30% token after 12 months (Early Sep. 2019), 20% token after 15 months (Early Dec. 2019) — reward 5% of the unreleased tokens as bonus; E.g., if a purchaser bought total 10000QKC and supports the schedule, QuarkChain will offer 10000 * 80% * 5% = 400QKC as bonus.

Refund: “We understand that you may not support the new schedule, and we could offer a refund (ETHs) based on our token sale agreement”.

If a person chooses Option 2 “Refund”, he should reply to received email by 11pm September 2nd, 2018 PDT.  Otherwise, the support is appreciated, and QuarkChain will proceed with option 1.

The new token release plan applies to all undistributed parts of private sale purchasers, team, and foundation.

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