Roskomnadzor has filed a lawsuit to block Telegram

Today, on April 6, Roskomnadzor filed a lawsuit to the Tagansky district court of Moscow with the requirement to limit access to Telegram in Russia.

The Roskomnadzor media regulator is seeking the block of Telegram because the firm has refused to hand over encryption keys used to scramble messages.

Telegram, which is based in Dubai, was given a deadline of April 4 to hand over the keys. The company has refused, saying the way the service is built means it has no access to them.

The FSB, Russia’s main security agency, wants the keys so it can read messages and prevent future terror attacks in the country. In its court filing, Roskomnadzor said the legal action was related to the FSB request and Telegram’s non-compliance with its legal requirements as a «distributor of information».

Telegram’s lawyer, Pavel Chikov, said the FSB’s requirements to provide access to private conversations of users are unconstitutional, baseless, which cannot be fulfilled technically and legally.


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