Savedroid isn’t gone – its exitscam was just a marketing campaign

Yesterday, the crypto community was stunned by the fact that a cryptocurrency startup Savedroid turned out to be fraudulent.

But today the founder of Savedroid has published the statement in which he apologizes for yesterday’s incident and says that Savedroid isn’t gone and its exitscam was actually a marketing campaign to show how easy it is to scam people in crypto.

«Hi, guys! So, yes, we are still here, not gone actually, never gone and of course will also be here in the future for the Savedroid community», – Yassin Hankir says at the beginning of the statement.

[videopress zxjw5q7F]

The project’s website is online again and on the front page we can see such words:

«Savedroid was here, is here, and will be here. Aaand savedroid is all in for establishing high quality ICO standards».

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