Super Bonus! DIPC is about to launch the Super Benefits mode!

DIPChain, the world’s leading art blockchain project, is about to launch the node plan for the first time, to start a strategic benefit plan for the construction of DIPC ecology. The node plan of DIPChain aims to build a new ecology of the art market. DIPChain will export technologies, operations and funds to the global art market, to build a global digital financial infrastructure, and realize the global strategic plan of DIP Foundation.

Super Bonus period

At present, due to DIPChain’s ecology is taking efforts to be under construction, therefore the DIPC is in the super bonus period of the node plan. Through the implementation of the node plan, we will quickly establish a solid DIPC consensus.

In 2018, the blockchain bubble burst and many speculators left. After the bursting of the digital currency bubble last year, an art block chain industry that can be trusted, supported by value has emerged. The emergence of DIPC verifies the value of trust.

The DIPC node plan improves the DIPC computing power through inviting more community members to participate in, users will receive more and more bonus in the reward pool according to the node plan. The higher the power, the more DIPC you get.

Bonus features: invitation for one time, bonus for the life time.

DIPC adheres to the spirit of community governance of block chain. DIPChain welcomes more friends to join this ecology and become one of the global nodes of DIPChain with DIPC. If you accept the value system of DIPC and become a DIPC node, you can recommend your friends to participate in it. Once inviting successfully,you can start the digital economy Super Benefits mode,share the bonus for the life time.

Bonus Rules:

  • Ordinary Node user:You can become ordinary node user by registering on the official website
  • Community Nodes user:You can become a Community Nodes user by purchasing 50000 DIPC
  • Partner Nodes user:You can become a Partner Nodes user by owing DIPC equivalent to 150 ETH

Each node user has a specific invitation code

A is an Ordinary user node, A invites B to purchase, B invites C to purchase,

The bonus reward that A can get =B’s purchase amount*5%,

The bonus reward that B can get=C’s purchase amount*5%

A is a Community Nodes user,A invites B to purchase,B invites C to purchase,C invites D to purchase,

The bonus reward that A can get =B’s purchase amount*5% + C’s purchase amount*3% + D’s purchase amount*2%,

The bonus reward that B can get=C’s purchase amount*5% + D’s purchase amount*3%,

The bonus reward that C can get=D’s purchase amount*5%

*If the accumulated amount through invitation (only for the first class) is more than 150ETH, the direct bonus reward (first class) increase by another 1%

DIPC nodes spread home and abroad, link to the whole world.

DIPChain takes DIPC as the financial means and the industry as the power engine to realize the real landing of blockchain technology and art market, and realize the global circulation of token assets, so as to bring deeper art economic globalization and better future for connecting blockchain and mankind. DIPChain’s node program brings real benefit and bonus opportunities to the first group of node participants and pays tribute to the builders of ecology.

Contact Details :

Contact Person: Sonia

Tele: 8618510760097





Country: Singapore

SOURCE: DIPChain Project

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