Tesla Shares Exceed Bitcoin Capitalization

July 2, 2020 Tesla shares (TSLA) rose significantly in price after reporting on the success of the company. In the second quarter of this year, the automaker delivered 90,650 electric vehicles, exceeding Wall Street’s expectations.

The crisis is not a hindrance to Elon Musk.

The reports drew attention to the fact that Tesla has become the most valuable car manufacturer, ahead of even the Japanese auto giant Toyota. But, more importantly, after the company closed its shares on July 2 at a price of $ 1 208.66, its capitalization exceeded $ 224 billion. At the moment, the capitalization of Bitcoin, the most important and famous cryptocurrency, is only $ 168 billion, and record levels have been recorded at $ 334 billion

There are a very limited number of companies on the market whose capitalization exceeds the “first cryptocurrency”. Among them are Microsoft, Apple Inc, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook and Berkshire Hathaway.

The popularity of digital money is growing

The popularity of Bitcoin around the world continues to grow. The governments of Venezuela, Lebanon and Zimbabwe are seriously interested in cryptocurrency, because BTC helps them overcome the deep financial crisis. In addition, a number of highly developed countries have been engaged in the development of state cryptocurrencies in order to compete with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin seems like a “small potatoes”

Despite the fact that supporters of decentralized money prophecy the fate of “future money” to Bitcoin, for the US government the entire capitalization of the cryptocurrency market seems a trifle, and if desired, the Federal Reserve could buy up all the emissions of all popular cryptocurrencies without any particular damage to the country, writes Forbes

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