The D&DD Summit @ Tel Aviv Blockchain Week 2019

Tel Aviv, August, 2019 — D&DD, a non-profit community-organized event happening on Sept. 10th 2019. The event will feature experts, influencers, and key players in the blockchain to discuss how to accelerate the adoption and development of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and decentralized ecosystems.

D&DD is a unique local initiative created with the goal of providing access to anyone who wants to hear and learn more about the blockchain space. During the day, the conference will focus on key topics in the community, including a decentralized economy, privacy, new protocols about to be launched, social media affects, bitcoin, altcoins, stablecoins, Web 3, and more.

There will be two main tracks during the week long event, the Community Track and Developers Workshops:

Community Track: This track will comprise of talks and panels about decentralized technology, user experience, and how to drive mass adoption.

Workshops: This track is targeted towards top developers from leading blockchain organizers. The discussion will center around APIs, SDKs, and best practices.

D&DD summit at the Blockchain Week already boasts an impressive list of confirmed speakers, including: Jameson Loop, CTO at Casa and Creator of; Giacomo Zucco, Director at BHB.Network; and Silke Noa Elrifai, GC/CLO at Gnosis.

There were also be representatives present from Gnosis, Ocean Protocol, TokenSoft, Edge, Aave, and Clearmatics.

Notable Israeli attendees include: Yoni Asia, CEO Etorro, Chairman of the Israeli Bitcoin Association; Or Perelman of Chromia; and Alexander Zaidelson, CEO of Bream.

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