“TronChat is like if Instagram, Venmo and Telegram had a blockchain baby”, – Tron (TRX) introduces a new social media platform

On August 23, Tron (TRX) introduced TronChat, a new dApp built on Tron and powered by the TRX token. TronChat is an entirely new social media platform that allows you to easily earn TRX in a wide variety of fun and interesting ways.

“TronChat is like if Instagram, Venmo and Telegram had a blockchain baby”, – writes the TronChat team.

TronChat allows anyone and everyone to easily earn TRX for doing the things they love most on social media, bringing true use and utility for both cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

What does TronChat do?

The standalone social media app will allow users to enjoy all the photo, video and story-posting features they love about Instagram with the chat functionality users have come to adore about Telegram. Best of all, it will be simple and easy to both send and earn TRX “throughout each and every corner of the platform”.

  • Content Sharing

Post stories, pictures and videos with the intuitive functionality found in leading social media apps. Easily make your content premium and choose how much TRX it will cost for your viewers to unlock the post. Premium content is completely optional. This can be done on a per-post basis, and users can charge TRX for subscriptions to premium profiles. Followers can easily tip TRX on posts that they like. This offers creators a variety of new ways to earn actual money for their work.

  • Messaging

Send a message that grabs the reader’s attention. TronChat’s messaging is designed to remove spam and bring meaning to every interaction on the platform. With TronChat you can attach TRX to your messages to make sure they are opened. You can also add more TRX to automatically record and see the recipient’s reaction.

  • Chatrooms

Chatrooms are a critical aspect of interaction in the crypto community, and TronChat allows for all the functionality you love about Telegram with the ability to easily send TRX or tip the chatroom creators.

  • Direct Updates

Users can opt-in to “Direct Updates” from a page to be notified whenever the page has news. These updates can also contain a TRX reward for opening or completing actions like taking surveys.

  • Tipping

With TronChat tipping can easily be done across the entire app, making it easier than ever to transfer some crypto to your favorite content creator or social media buddy.

TronChat is currently in development and has already completed most critical components of the app. The TronChat project is currently looking to secure funding to accelerate the release of a full version.

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