TRON (TRX) virtual machine beta version is launched, the “Secret Project” is revealed

Today, July 30, TRON virtual machine (TVM) beta version is officially launched.

In the following month, TVM will be tested by all the TRON community members. On August 30 SGT, TRON will complete its MainNet upgrade and launch the official version of TVM.

TVM is completely compatible with Ethereum, only faster and more affordable. Developers are able to use mainstream developing tools such as Remix, Truffle, and Web3.js as well as wallet extension of the browser to create DApps based on TRON network.

Next month, TRON will provide a sandbox for its global community to test the VM and find bugs. Then, according to the feedbacks received, TRON will initiate a voting campaign among SRs while adjusting the beta version. After reaching a consensus, all SRs of the community will start the upgrade program of TVM.

The official version of TVM, which will be launched on August 30, is going to be more stable, more secure and equipped with optimized compile and instruction set.

And some words about TRON Secret Project after the BitTorrent acquisition.

An initial team building is completed and a development plan for the next 3 months is set up for the Secret Project.

Currently, the TRON team is exploring the possibility of using the TRON protocol to improve the BitTorrent protocol, in order to make BitTorrent protocol faster and lengthen the lifespan of BitTorrent swarms.

“I hope the integration of TRON and BitTorrent will allow both parties to work better as one in the future”, – writes Justin Sun, the founder of TRON Foundation, in a Medium blog post.

The TRON network will serve as the underlying protocol of the Secret Project. Hundreds of millions of BT users across the globe will become a part of the TRON ecosystem. BT will be the largest application on the TRON network.

The integration of BitTorrent and TRON will offer new possibilities to global payment and settlement of online content.

Secret project will not associate itself with any mining projects, nor will it have any negative impact on BT user experience. For BT users, Secret Project is only going to strengthen the current BT protocol and make it stronger and more competent.

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