Waltonchain (WTC), Melonport (MLN), Credits (CS) and YGGDRASH (YEED) get listed on Bitfinex and Ethfinex

On October 18, Waltonchain (WTC), Melonport (MLN), Credits (CS) and YGGDRASH (YEED) were listed on Bitfinex and Ethfinex. Trading will be available against ETH and USD.

YGGDRASH will initially be listed as YGG on Bitfinex.

Trading for all pairs will have 0% maker fees on Ethfinex for 3 days.

About projects

YGGDRASH (YEED) is a trust-based multi-dimensional blockchains (branches) built with a vision “Digitize everything into reality” and to connect everything and any blockchain networks.

Waltonchain (WTC) is a genuine, trustworthy and traceable business ecosystem with complete data sharing and absolute information transparency.

CREDITS (CS) is a new, unique blockchain platform with absolutely new technical capabilities of the network, response time, transaction cost and the number of operations per second.

Melonport (MLN) is the private company building the open-source Melon Protocol. The Melon protocol is a blockchain protocol for digital asset management built on the Ethereum platform. It enables participants to set up, manage and invest in digital asset management strategies in an open, competitive and decentralised manner.

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