Wanchain (WAN) launches Wanchain 3.0, bridging Bitcoin to Ethereum and ERC20 tokens

Wanchain (WAN) seeks to create a new distributed financial infrastructure, connecting different blockchain networks together to exchange value.

On December 11, the Wanchain team announced the launch of Wanchain 3.0, bridging Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens.

According to the announcement, the new product release features cross-chain transaction capability, offering one of the first major instances of seamless blockchain interoperability. This marks a large step forward in Wanchain’s goal to make sure all DEXs, protocols and other crypto components are fully interoperable across blockchains.

“This launch marks a monumental step in the industry’s progression toward the Web 3.0 economy where all public and private blockchains will be completely interconnected,” – reads the announcement.

“Wanchain 3.0 is our biggest release ever, bringing the network of Bitcoin users to projects and tokens built on Ethereum. I am very proud of our team for achieving our final 2018 milestone laid out in the initial launch of our company,” – said Jack Lu, Wanchain’s Founder and CEO. – “Wanchain continues to be laser-focused on the long term where we see our platform being one of the fundamental components linking all digital assets in a decentralized, trustless and permissionless manner.”

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