World Blockchain STO Summit Singapore, Feb 26-27, 2020


3rd Edition World Blockchain STO Summit will be one of the most important summits in Asia, dedicated to innovative technologies, bringing together the biggest names, and the brightest minds who are actively shaping the industry. World Blockchain STO Summit’s special focus will be given to understanding what “STOs” (securitized token offerings) are involved. Additionally, there will be coverage over other classes of emerging technology and alternative investment instruments, and how they can be leveraged to generate value and profit. In this summit, we will explore how STO’s are a better choice for businesses looking to raise capital because they offer unique advantages such as low barrier of entry, fractional ownership and access to global investors. The Summit leverages the experience gained through the last 2 editions of the event to ensure maximum return on investment for all our sponsors, partners & attendees. Known popularly as the blockchain and crypto hub of Southeast Asia, Singapore, with its free market economy, stable socio-political environment, attractive tax framework, is consistently ranked as the world’s best place to do businesses using Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Last year, Singapore was the second most popular location for initial coin offerings (ICOs), behind the United States. Recently, the Money Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced it was working on a new bill to regulate crypto exchanges, and since prospective blockchain or crypto business owners can set up a startup in the country either as a resident or foreigner. All these favourable factors have encouraged many foreign and resident investors and entrepreneurs to choose Singapore as a place to launch their ICOs, STOs, and crypto exchanges.


  • The need for interoperability in Security Token Protocols
  • Practical implications of STOs in the Wild
  • STOs Fraud or the Future
  • Blockchain & Cyber Security
  • Understanding Blockchain Technology Adoption in Supply Chain
  • Real Estate: Blockchain & Tokenization
  • The Blockchain of Tomorrow, today!


Some of the business leaders speaking at the Summit includes:

  • John McAfee – Founder at McAfee Associates United States (Zoom Presentation)
  • Tim Draper – Founder at Draper Associates
  • Joeri van Geelen – Founder & CEO at Build Blocks Group
  • John Lombela – Founder & CEO at Cryptovecs Capital
  • Jen Buakaew – U.S. Blockchain Association
  • Ronny Boesing – Founder & CEO at OpenLedger


World Blockchain STO Summit Singapore offers an incomparable platform to connect with industry experts, get your business done and position your company for future success. Attending the event will help you to:

  • Broaden your exposure in the marketplace and create a positive impression on as many people in your business community as possible
  • Identify those who might be prospects for your products or services.
  • Build relationships with those who offer products or services that might be of value to you or your clients
  • Build partnerships and alliances and understand cutting edge innovative technologies, which will define and drive the future of the industry
  • Build relationships with those who might become referrals or strategic partners
  • Build relationships with those who are influential in your business community
  • Build relationships with those who might provide business counsel or become advisors or mentors
  • Build relationships with those who can further your career

For enquiries related to this event, please contact

Gulf Xellence

Exhibiting/ Administration/ Media: Muzamil Ahmed

World Blockchain STO Summit Singapore, Feb 26-27, 2020

Phone: +91 9620304906 or +91 8884113131

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