YGGDRASH (YEED) announces establishment of incubation center and sharing crypto exchange, releases development updates

YGGDRASH (YEED), the 3rd generation trust-based multi-dimensional blockchain platform, has announced the establishment of YGGDRASH’s revenue sharing cryptocurrency exchange DEXRADE and an incubation center.

The YGGDRASH team believes the establishment of YGGDRASH incubation center will allow various business players to implement services on the YGGDRASH platform.

Ayden Kim, COO, pledges to support all dApps that participate on the YGGDRASH platform. He also expects the revenue sharing exchange business of DEXRADE will benefit all users.

Additionally, the YGGDRASH team released development updates which include upgrading of some contracts, improving node perfomance, re-implementation of Yggdrash wallet and many more updates. Details of the updates can be found on Github.

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