Yggdrash (YEED), Rate3 (RTE) and MobileGo (MGO) won Ethfinex Community Listing Vote

On October 3, a crypto exchange Ethfinex announced the end of round 10 of the Ethfinex Community Listing Vote.

Winners are Yggdrash (YEED), Rate3 (RTE) and MobileGo (MGO). The tokens will soon be available for trading against ETH and USD on Ethfinex and Bitfinex.

Yggdrash (YEED) is a trust-based multi-dimensional blockchains (branches) built with a vision “Digitize everything into reality” and to connect everything and any blockchain networks.

Rate3 (RTE) is a decentralized protocol for cross border payments and credit scoring empowered by Stellar and Ethereum.

MobileGo (MGO) is a smart token set to herald a new era in the gaming industry.

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