Zulu Republic announces lite.im, a project that allows its users to manage Litecoin (LTC) transactions with SMS and Telegram

Zulu Republic is a blockchain ecosystem which mission is to advance the development of decentralized technologies, to promote human rights and empowerment around the globe, and to reduce the global digital divide.

On August 9, Zulu Republic announced lite.im, a new project aimed at expanding cryptocurrency access to a wider population. Lite.im brings Litecoin services to anyone with even the most basic mobile phone, regardless of whether or not they have access to the internet. With a simple Telegram or SMS message, lite.im users will be able to interact with the Litecoin blockchain, sending and receiving funds from anywhere in the world where a cellular signal can be found.

How will it work?

Lite.im will allow users to interact with Litecoin services using textual commands via Zulu’s backend LTC API system. The first version of the system, available now, is for managing LTC via Telegram. This version of lite.im features a Telegram bot that users can send commands to, e.g. to obtain their current Litecoin balance, to reveal a Litecoin address for receiving funds, or to send Litecoin to a Litecoin or email address (sending via email address is currently available only for registered recipients).

SMS functionality, when released, will work in much the same way, with users sending commands via SMS message instead of Telegram. When sending funds, users will choose between sending to a phone number or to a Litecoin address. This way, funds can be sent regardless of whether the sender knows the recipient’s wallet address, or whether the recipient even has a wallet at at all.

You can check out the lite.im Telegram bot here → https://t.me/LiteIM_bot

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