Bitcoin (BTC) is ready to soar the short term – opinion

A popular analyst, using technical analysis tools, says that in the coming days, bitcoin may break up to $ 9400.

Based on the graph of bitcoin prices, the analyst The Cryptomist concludes that in the coming days it can grow significantly.

Cryptomist also stated that it is good for now to open long positions, although BTC can still drop once more, the market is still bearishs:

– A possible ascending triangle to look out for Like I have been saying for the past week and a bit. I am favoring longs right now, (however, possibility of one more move down for bears…

Targets in the short term are $7,700, $8,450 and $9,400. That is Cryptomist forecast.

The secret to the popularity of Cryptomist, perhaps, is not so much that the analyst gives correct forecasts, but that the pretty girl is on the avatar. We love girls! But far from their competence in crypto finance …

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