Coin of the day — NAS

NAS is a token of Nebulas platform — decentralized search framework, so you can build your own blockchain search platform online.

Among listed advantages we have:
— ability to search multi-type data on blockchain world
— open-source value ranking algorithm — users decide which
— ability to start with familiar languages (python, ruby, js)

With support of some giants like Tencent, the project seems to be very promising.

Снимок экрана 2018-02-07 в 22.06.53.png

NAS token price $8,24 USD (15,64%)

Market Cap $292 531 005 USD

Volume (24h) $19 103 800 USD

Circulating Supply 35 500 000 NAS

Total Supply 100 000 000 NAS

Recommendation – buy below 35 345 BTC ($8,24 USD). Long-term investment. 


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