Hype projects do not meet the expectations of investors

Currently, new projects are emerging in the world of cryptocurrencies. Thre are a lot of them, and almost every day there are new ones.

Naturally, the main thing for crypto investors is not to get caught in a fraudulent project, so as not to lose their investments.

However, there is another very important point – not only not to lose, but also to increase the investment.

Members of the crypto community decided to make a table of most interesting projects that have recently completed their initial coin offerings (ICOs) and are traded on exchanges. And that’s what they got as a result.

Most interesting projects are now trading slightly above or even below their ICO prices. Surely, investors expected more profits.

And there is a quite natural question: to continue to participate in ICOs and wait for flying of the coin price to the Moon or wait for the project’s listing on exchanges and buy coins below the ICO price if the price falls?

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