PARSIQ: decentralized transaction monitoring and analysis platform

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The industry of decentralized payments is now one of the most promising areas of fintech. DeFi is attracting huge investments and increasing the total market capitalization every day. Such huge attention to decentralized finance clearly speaks of the relevance and demand for this technology.

But blockchain payments also have a number of disadvantages, in the form of poorly developed infrastructure for the community, insufficient anonymity and imperfect security, which is inferior to centralized financial institutions. For many years, developers from various companies have worked to solve these problems, but covering most of the market needs is a very difficult task. And finally, a platform appeared on the market that allows you to track everything that happens on your crypto wallets, exchange accounts and DeFi applications in one place. 

Manage decentralized transactions on one platform

Parsiq is one of the most promising projects of 2020. The company offers monitoring and management of transactions in various decentralized networks to optimize your activities. By connecting your accounts to the software, you can not only receive notifications of any updates in real time, but also set up serious workflows that will increase your productivity several times.

Using Parsiq tools, you can create your own blockchain ecosystem, which will automatically perform actions depending on the incoming data. The platform’s functionality allows many different separate programs to be linked to blockchain transactions to accomplish this task.

In fact, Parsiq works like a dependency system, where the incoming information starts a series of pre-programmed processes. Notifications, reports, preliminary statistics or analytic cut. Incoming information can be automated using Zapier, sent to Telegram, sent to employees via RabbitMQ, or used in more global business processes via WebHooks.

Data processing and analysis

PARSIQ allows you to filter the incoming data. The user can customize the data presentation format in order to study the statistics of activity in blockchain networks in any convenient format. Use tables, graphs, reports, and scatterplots to help you work with large amounts of data.

Alternative use of the PARSIQ platform

In addition to the obvious scenarios for using the platform, which are suitable for active cryptocurrency users, the Parsiq service can offer a number of other very useful functions for businesses and organizations.

By using the API, companies can protect themselves and their users from fraudulent transactions. This works to prevent money laundering with cryptocurrencies. The Parsiq analytical service collects and provides the entire history of selected assets so that crypto companies can operate in accordance with the AML directive. An example of Parsiq’s successful work in this direction is cooperation with WhalesHeaven, where participants exchange large amounts of cryptocurrencies with each other without the participation of third parties.

Collecting market data. You can set up tracking of market data and market changes. This will help to monitor the investment portfolio and its changes in fiat equivalent, or in any other currency.

Safety. PARSIQ will send you notifications of any incoming or outgoing transactions to the addresses linked to you even at the mempool level (before the transaction is confirmed by validators). Thus, you will only receive information about hacking or tampering at the beginning of the process, which will increase the chances of preventing damage.

Tracking smart contracts. Smart contracts with significant value must be tracked in real time. These requirements are related to the new specification for enterprise blockchain applications. The security certificate is based on Cryptocurrency Security Standards (CCSS) but caters to more complex applications that include enterprise logic, tokenization solutions, and smart contracts. And these tasks can be solved using PARSIQ technology.

The platform continues to actively develop. The company’s partners are many very well-known and reputable projects that have already supported the PARSIQ developers in their desire to make a significant contribution to the creation of the blockchain infrastructure. On their blog, company representatives explain the obvious and additional opportunities for using their platform, talk about new partnerships and share plans for the future.

To start using the benefits of a unique service for free, use the link.

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