The simplest and best tool to invest and manage your DeFi portfolio

There are thousands of interesting projects in the world of Defi, but many of them go unnoticed. Some lack a competitive edge and some fail to offer enough features and benefits to users. Today we take a look at the DAOventures project, which is a gem among new startups and is gaining popularity despite the huge advertising buzz in this environment.

The uniqueness of DAOventures is that users no longer need to worry about their funds because they remain in their wallets! The project teams are led by professionals from the fields of traditional finance, fintech, blockchain, and software architecture.

DAOventures proved its trustworthiness by successfully completing 7 different audits of their smart contracts and DVG token:

After making sure the platform is safe, let’s look into the products:

DAOventures is an automated DeFi money manager that leverages robo-advisory, yield-farming aggregation, and structured DeFi products, the platform simply takes over most of the work typically done by investors. Multiple farming options allow clients to choose the most suitable strategies on a single platform. It has everything from low risk/low reward to high risk/high reward.

Through the control panel of investment and farming instruments on the DAOventures DeFi platform, the user can not only use financial instruments and receive income, but also have access to statistics, analytics, and history of asset behavior and profit. 

  1. Yield Farming

    The user can choose a portfolio, choose a convenient strategy for himself among the many available, and start the farming process with any risk-to-reward ratio. It all depends on the preferred type of investment for each customer.
  2. Automated DeFi ManagerOne of the most convenient tools for an investor. If you previously had to study many resources, compare the characteristics of assets, study their ratings and read reviews of analysts, now everything is collected in one place! Leveraging the best and unbiased robo-advisory, yield-farming aggregation, structured DeFi products etc
  3. Lending/Borrowing & AMM

    Riding with the rise of the DeFi market, Uniswap trading volume has constantly exceeded some of the top centralized exchanges globally i.e. Coinbase. Very soon, the DAOventures platform will be connected to these protocols, empowering customers.

DAOventures’ DeFi Investment Strategy – The DAO Citadel

The last and most unique product of DAOventures is called “Citadel vault“, and this strategy is a market-weighted index, but with a modern twist. We will talk about it in more detail.

The meme is based on a Reddit post written by a time traveler, supposedly from the year 2025, who had gone back in time to the year 2013 to inform bitcoiners what the utopia of the future looks like. If you have bitcoin, you can enter the Citadel. If you don’t, no entry for you. This strategy aims to be your passport into the Citadel!

A regular market weighted approach is the basis for many ETF or index funds. Cash is allocated based on the market capitalizations of index components. For example, the larger a company’s equity market cap, the bigger its representation in a stock market index.

In this case, BTC, with a dominance of slightly under 50%, would comprise almost half index value. The remaining assets would be distributed among ETH, stablecoins, and other alts, loosely based around their market caps, with some liberties taken to overweight some components.

However, instead of taking only a long position on these cryptocurrencies, the strategy of Citadel pairs up positions to enjoy compounded yield farming rewards.

For example, instead of holding outright positions in spot BTC and ETH, what Citadel does instead provides WBTC and ETH liquidity, as a pair, to a platform like SushiSwap.

This has the benefit of generating different income streams:

  • Price appreciation on both WBTC and ETH
  • Trading fees as a DEX liquidity provider
  • Yield farming incentives like SUSHI

Incentives earned from yield farming these pairs would be sold once a day and used to buy back more LPs so that investors grow their portfolio value over time. This automatic compounding is done by smart contracts.

The portfolio will be rebalanced quarterly to reset the strategy back to its standard allocations and weights laid out above so that you will always maintain an ideal allocation to bitcoin!

  • While participating in the above strategies, users can farm the governance tokens on the protocols the strategies are based on such as sushi, pickle PLUS dvg rewards
  • DAOventures gives 51% of its DVG Token through liquidity mining. Every 2 weeks, the rewards are deflationary resulting in less selling pressure. The earlier you get in, the more DVG rewards you will get in addition to what you can get on other DeFi protocols
  • The APY could be up to 3 digits

Why try DAOventures?

It’s simple. The most important thing for DAOventures is to provide a simple and straightforward user experience. For a long time, the constraint on DeFi’s growth was the complexity of use, but now that problem will no longer be.

It’s comfortable. The DAOventures team analyzes DeFi protocols 24/7 and brings the best of the best to the platform. Do not waste time on aimless Internet searches if everything is now collected in one place.

It’s versatile. The platform can be used by investors with any risk policy. You can take risks and make big profits, or you can reduce risks and be content with a small stable income from farming.

Moreover, the platform has a cool feature “Happy Hour”: 9-10 am UTC every day the gas fee for making a deposit on DAO Citadel becomes less!

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