Top gossips — why market falls

We introduce a new format for our website — top gossips. Within the framework of this new topic we will discuss top gossips regarding cryptocurrency market and, especially, altcoins.

This week we’d like to discuss the main talks prices slump points on bursting of financial bubble. Many of those who invested and still have money in tokens don’t want to believe in it, but it could be so. This would be a reasonable explanation to further falls either.

Others have a conspiracy theory of financial giants. The point is that it looks like the market could be destabilised intensively by financial giants, who want understood the real potential of cryptomarket and want to invest, so they dropped the market to enter it in the dip, when others unprofessional investors or simple desperate people sell.
And we can see slight proof of this position — yesterday, on February, 7 Bitfinex fixed the biggest buyout of Bitcoin since its impressive rise. Precisely, the last such buyout was noticed on September, 15.

2018-02-08 17.18.55.jpg

​​So stay in touch and follow the market situation, we will be back with more gossips soon.

Disclaimer: All information about coins is not investment advice.

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