Wall Street and The Cryptomarket: Know the Difference!

Rapid growth of the crypto-currency market attracted attention of the hardest traders from Wall Street. They come to the crypt with their century-old experience. And do not understand the difference, between speculation on Wall Street and the formation of a new financial system based on the cryptocurrency. The reactions of the experts and the gurus of the crypto and the Wall Street wolves often turn out to be exactly the opposite.

Wolves from Wall Street say: “Many coins quickly grew by 10-30%. Time to fix a part of the profit, and buy those coins that have not yet shown the dynamics! “

Cryptoexpert answer: “In no case!” And give very convincing examples. Following the Wall Street rule, you would have bought an NEO for $ 0.12. Fixed a half at $ 5 to buy something that had not grown. And with what thoughts and feelings do you look at how NEO goes for $ 192?

Crypto experts share experience:

– Unlike the “wolves”, we do not rebalance the portfolio. Yes, we take off the cream – but at good prices and invest in … Bitcoin!

Optimists at the same time say: «It’s too early to get money from the market. We are waiting for a long road».

And by the way, do not forget that the rebalancing of the portfolio was invented by wolves from Wall Street, not at all for the safety of traders. But to make profit – due to the commission from the sales of good assets and pulling up bad assets, that are lagging behind the market.

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