Bitfinex Lets Users Earn on Crypto with Lending Pro

Bitfinex, a state-of-the-art digital asset trading platform, will be launching Lending Pro in the first week of August, providing users with an advanced lending tool designed to automate lending in order to enhance the efficiency of capital allocation on the exchange.

Lending Pro is a highly-customizable tool that utilizes automated technologies and advanced features to manage lending based on a user’s specifications and market conditions. Once customers have input their preferred settings, Lending Pro will use those settings and market conditions to automatically offer and extend lending in our peer-to-peer marketplace, on the customer’s behalf. Lending Pro potentially allows users to increase their earnings by automating the management of crypto lending in the platform’s peer-to-peer lending portal.

The advanced features in Lending Pro include:

Calculator page, providing a Standard and Compounded Summary allowing users to make better projections on their potential earnings Tickers panel, enabling users to toggle between Lending and Calculated Rates (or the rates calculated by Bitfinex’s margin lending automation tool) Lending Form, enhanced to enable users to make bids or offers for all currencies on a single page Balances panel, displaying a user’s cumulative holdings as well as providing a detailed breakdown per cryptocurrency Today’s Earnings panel, enabling users to track their earnings and value per currency for  that specific day Distribution panel, enabling users to evaluate lending distributions and identify tokens offering the best rates to fund

“Lending Pro provides our users with a tool to automate peer-to-peer lending, and earn passive income on their crypto,” said Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex. “By deploying advanced automated technologies we’ve created a tool that will help our growing user base maximise their earning efficiency on the crypto held on our exchange.”

To obtain access to Lending Pro, Bitfinex users will need to login to their account and  navigate to the Lending dropdown menu at the top navigation bar.

The launch of Lending Pro further consolidates Bitfinex’s position as a one-stop-shop for crypto trading, offering a variety of services, including margin trading with up to 5x  leverage.

About Bitfinex

Founded in 2012, Bitfinex is a digital asset trading platform offering state-of-the-art services for digital token traders and global liquidity providers. In addition to a suite of advanced trading features and charting tools, Bitfinex provides access to peer-to-peer financing, an OTC market and financed trading for a wide selection of digital assets. Bitfinex’s strategy focuses on providing unparalleled support, tools, and innovation for experienced traders and liquidity providers around the world. Visit to learn more.

Important Notes

Lending Pro is strictly an order routing system that implements offers and extensions of funding on a user’s behalf in the peer-to-peer lending marketplace on Bitfinex. Lending Pro cannot evaluate a user’s personal investment criteria and circumstances. Nothing in this press release is financial, investment or other advice. Nothing in this press release is an offer to borrow or lend or the solicitation, recommendation or endorsement of any course of borrowing or lending. Any references in this press release to returns are only hypothetical and not guaranteed.

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