EmiSwap Introduces Magic Card NFTs to Boost Yield Farming Rewards and Gamify DeFi

Two crucial blockchain trends – DeFi and NFT – have long been developing along separate tracks. Now they are finally coming together thanks to EmiSwap – a decentralized exchange that leverages non-fungible Magic Cards to gamify trading and liquidity mining. 

EmiSwap Magic Cards: the first NFT designed to boost yield for DeFi

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that represent a unique object in the virtual or real world. A piece of art, a real estate property, or a character in a computer game can be encoded as a non-fungible token. According to nonfungible.com, weekly NFT sales in December 2020 have reached $2 million – twice more than 3 months ago.  

In spite of its potential to represent value, until recently the NFT technology hasn’t been integrated into the DeFi infrastructure. This has now changed thanks to EmiSwap – an automated market-making protocol similar to Uniswap. EmiSwap is introducing Magic Cards – NFT assets that both allow users to boost their earnings and gamify the whole experience of using the exchange. 

Advantages for Magic Card holders: bonuses and faster yield farming

EmiSwap Magic Cards look and feel similar to fantasy trading cards like Magic: the Gathering. They are beautifully designed, come in five rarity tiers (from Ordinary to Legendary), and are issued in collections on a monthly basis. 

NFTs are integrated into virtually every process on EmiSwap, especially the liquidity mining program, where users ‘farm’ new Magic Cards. Every card conveys a specific advantage or bonus:

  • Bonus tokens: an instant bonus of EmiSwap’s native governance tokens, ESW;
  • Faster yield farming: for the same amount of locked liquidity, less time is needed to farm a card;
  • Access to special events, contests, and prize draws where users can win more Magic Cards;
  • x2 and x3 multipliers: users can swap several cards of the same tier for a more valuable one;
  • Access to Card Wars: tournaments with valuable prizes (in both tokens and Magic Cards).

In addition to the cards that provide individual advantages, there are Mythic cards that combine all types of privileges. EmiSwap also plans to launch a dedicated marketplace where users can trade Magic Cards soon.

Exclusive Magic Card collections available for free during ESW token sale

The easiest way to obtain a Magic Card is by purchasing ESW tokens at the token sale, which has already started. The first 1,000 participants who buy at least 500 ESW and join the white list will receive Magic Cards from an exclusive token sale collection that will never be re-issued. The rarity tier of the bonus card will depend on the amount of ESW purchased. 

Apart from all the benefits offered by NFT cards, EmiSwap users will receive a share in the trading fees: 0.05% of each trading transaction on the platform will be allocated to ESW holders. Furthermore, early supporters will receive large bonuses in ESW tokens, resulting in a 5x-10x boost to the annualized yield.

At the time of publication, EmiSwap has already passed a rigorous smart contract audit and is preparing for the protocol launch. To learn more about NFT Magic Cards and get your free bonus card, visit the official ESW token sale page

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