Futuristic Advertising Now with Ubex

The analysis of buyer purchasing behavior has long been turned from a science into an art form. However, inefficiency connected with technological limitations, and fraud linked to the presence of unscrupulous brokers within the advertising industry have long impeded its development. Mistrust between the advertisers and publishers is the main obstacle that no technology had been capable of overcoming. But the end customer viewing the ads is the cornerstone of the industry. And in recent years, customers have been ignoring ads that have been unable to cater to their search needs and desires. This has led to the advent of new solutions that aim to usher in a new era for advertising.

Ubex is the solution to the preponderance of issues choking the advertising industry. The mission of Ubex is to create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of trust. Efficiency for advertisers and publishers, and relevance of ads for targeted audiences will be achieved thanks to the combined application of decentralized blockchain technologies with unlimited data access and processing possibilities, Neural Networks granting intelligent analysis and tracking of market participant dynamics, and Artificial Intelligence for decision-making. Combined with UBEX Token monetization within the internal platform economy ecosystem based on smart contract algorithms, the pioneering mix will ensure complete transparency and immediate payment for concrete results.

Transaction risks are at virtual zero when acquiring advertising slots and selecting the most effective websites for placement via the Ubex platform. The process is simple and convenient as the proprietary ADAM Core AI controls every process. Advertisers automatically receive the desired ad formats on the channels of their choice instantly upon payment in UBEX Tokens. A wide range of criteria for target audience selection ensures maximum relevance of the ad to the customer. Both publishers and advertisers no longer need to fear commission costs associated with various brokers, such as advertising agencies and exchange platforms when working within the Ubex ecosystem.

Industry-hardened specialists and a constellation of crypto industry opinion leaders and experts are at the helm of the Ubex project. Apart from making considerable headway in its promotion and popularity, the project has already released an MVP of the exchange platform. The next stage is the launch of extensive testing aimed at enhancing the product for maximizing convenience and availability of functions.

The complete equality of terms offered to all contributors to the platform is a significant hallmark of the Ubex project that has already launched its crowdsale campaign. Having raised its soft cap in less than a day and attracted considerable attention, Ubex has been rated at the top of the list by virtually every blockchain rating agency. The impact that Ubex aims to leave on the advertising market is both a much needed breath of fresh air for its many participants, and a beacon of opportunity for the blockchain industry as a whole.

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