GOEX: Instant exchange of Crypto-currency for the best rates

The new currency exchange GOEX has several innovative features. And they are so attractive that have already interested many users,cryptocurrency market players. And it’s not surprising.

GOEX does not require registration, no request or store any personal data. At the same time, the website engine provides the search for the best exchange rate at the leading sites. For example, for purchase BTC with ETH, the system will search across more than one hundred market paths to find the best possible price at the current time and desired quantity. It is noteworthy that a dynamic exchange rate is used, which takes into account the volatility of the cryptocurrencies. Thus, market risks associated with volatility can be avoided. And respectivelycommission on GOEX is small.

Particular attention is paid to safety. In addition to technical support 24×7, which is ready to solve all issues, there is a special section of the site with the best security practices. It is recommended to study it before making transactions to be sure of successful completion. The main thing is that GOEX does not require that the user keep his balance on the site. It also helps to eliminate vulnerabilities for hacker attacks.

GOEX is distinguished by its excellent usability. Therefore, the procedure of exchange does not cause any difficulties even for beginners. How does it work? For example, if user exchanges BTC to ETH, GOEX provides a deposit address to send BTC. And instantly sends ETH to the user’s wallet address. Safe, high speed and convenient.

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Hello to everyone,
I invested more than 0.5 BTC in goex in October 2018 and now we are on February 18 2019.
They blocked my account the day before I got my investment.
I contact the support, they said it needs 20 days to fix it, and I locked it for 35 days, you see…
They blocked my access to the telegram live chat, saying I’m lying and I have multiple accounts.
Of course it is untrue! I have only one account and only 100 Tokens.
I communicate with over 170 people who have the same problem, all of them invested over 0.5 Btc, some of them have invested a lot!
I’ll let you draw the conclusions.
I wish you good luck!

I want to denounce, as a Goex client.

I can not access my user account on Goex, since January 14, 2019.

Steve, his technical person, does not give me a solution.

The last sentence that puts affected users is:

We solve all problems in turn. Your turn will come soon. Wait. You are very much, we try to solve every problem carefully. We recruit an additional team to solve all problems as quickly as possible.

I am forced to make this statement and express it as a Scam

I have all the recorded conversations and photos, as proof that I am a Goex client

In Spain we are gathering people to denounce Goex, anyone who resides in Spain to contact me.

En España estamos reuniendo gente para denunciar a Goex, cualquier persona que resida en España que se ponga en contacto conmigo.

Do you have the registered address of goex as I’m down 3btc and the site has disappeared and I want press with the crime squad

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