LightBitAtom – global decentralized marketplace for digital assets

LightBitAtom (LBA) is a universal peer exchange for the blockchain industry. This is a decentralized exchange, which supports the majority of altcoins.

LBA promises to be a significant contribution to decentralization. The project represents a concept, on which the combined technologies of the Lightning Network and atomic swap are implemented. Atomic swap allows to exchange cryptocurrency without a third party. What’s the point? Without a trusted third party, it becomes less vulnerable and is better protected from attacks. The LBA platform becomes a global marketplace for all digital assets and applications.

An important point is  quick registration and start of work with a couple of clicks. No verification is required. Unlike other  exchanges, you do not need an account with a wallet.


Founders promise technical support 24/7, taking into account its innovation. This guarantees the quick start while working with the platform. And prompt resolving of problems, of course.

The obvious advantage of the platform is a reduction in transaction time due to the exclusion of a third party. This also reduces the cost of transactions.

Access from anywhere in the world with a free wallet in the browser, from any device.

The platform has absolutely free access, but the investors will receive certain bonuses. Investments are required in order to further improve functionality and implement a lot of creative ideas that the founders still have.

Minimum investment ammount is 0. 01 ETH

ICO in Details:
Token: LBA;
Total tokens: 1 205 000 000 LBA;
Price of the token: 100 LBA = 1 $;
Sale for: ETH (ETHEREUM);
The rate is determined by: Exchange POLONIEX buy rate ETH / USD;
Duration of ICO: 3 months;
Unsold tokens are destroyed.

ICO Structure

1 205 000 000 LBA tokens are allocated as follows:

  • 87% to investors (1 048 350 000 LBA);
  • 8% is reserved (96 400 000 LBA);
  • 2% program bounty (24 100 000 LBA);
  • 3% – private pre-ICO (36 150 000 LBA).



  • 100% pre-ICO ($ 1 = 200 LBA);
  • 50% – the first stage ($ 1 = 150 LBA);
  • 40% – the second stage ($ 1 = 140 LBA)
  • 30% – the third stage ($ 1 = 130 LBA);
  • 0% – the fourth stage ($ 1 = 100 LBA).

Pre-ICO starts on April 15, 2018.

ICO ends on July 15, 2018, upon reaching a hard cap of $ 8 million.

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