New Formula of Success: EEE + BNT = Your Benefits

(Saint Petersburg, Russia – March, 30, 2018)

Elementh is now expanding frontiers of its usability, empowering users to employ the offered tokens in numerous applications. Elementh has joined the Bancor Network, making operations with its tokens more flexible and expedient. At the same time, the tokens themselves became more convertible and can bring more advantages for their holders.

Integration into the Bancor Network will provide continuous liquidity for the Elementh tokens, giving ICO participants an option to easily convert their EEE to ETH, BNT, or other tokens, following the ICO.

Besides simple conversion, it enables EEE holders to make “deposits” within the Bancor Network by filling up the total amounts of tokens with their own contributions. For such contributions, the holders will get a part of the conversion price (appr. 0,05% of any transaction performed within the network), thus, providing themselves with continuous income flow.

The conversion scheme is based on so-called connector method, when tokens are interconnected through conventionally calculated prices. Generally speaking, Bancor is a decentralized liquidity network where owners can easily convert any tokens at an automatically calculated price, without need to match buyers and sellers, using a simple web wallet, and keep their tokens with getting secure income.

Start of the EEE placement in the BNT network will be in the end of the Elementh ICO.


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