Stunning Success: Demand Outstripped Supply Sixfold, Private Sale Lasted Only 1,5 Hours

No one expected such an enormous interest in the all-in-one mining solutions Whalesburg. Private sale has been running only for 1,5 hours and finished with sixfold outstrip of the schedule. What such a stir is based on? 

Despite mining is gaining more and more popularity each day, it is still not available to everyone. Certain restrictions, difficulties, requirements and other problems make this way of making money seem imperfect for some people. It’s time for great changes!

Whalesburg is the project that opens wide mining opportunities to everyone. With this outstanding mining 2.0 Platform the process of making money will become safer and easier as Whalesburg gives each miner everything s/he needs for a successful start and growth.

Two of Whalesburg private sale rounds has already been held. The 1st one closed in 1.5 hours after the start – due to the huge interest and faith in the project it managed to reach over 1500 ETH (while 1000 ETH was enough for the Soft Cap). In the 2nd round 44 pools requested allocation, which 6 times exceeded the expected effect. Whalesburg moves forward with quite a big schedule outpace.

To take part in the Token Sale try to get into the Whitelist. To get there for sure you should hurry up, as the number of places is limited.

The process of getting in: how everything happens?

By following the link to the Whalesburg website you can find all the necessary information and join the project. Passing a simple KYC (Know your customer) procedure will let you be included in the Whitelist.

Whalesburg CEO John Kitkin shared his opinion about the project by saying: “Mining is created for bringing profit to its participants, not problems. There is a strong community of miners behind us that believes in the idea and the success of the project. We are sure that Whalesburg is the best complete solution to modern mining problems”.

The 5 key features that make Whalesburg Mining 2.0 Platform a successful solution are as follows:

  • Operating system
  • Mining pool
  • Monitoring tools
  • Overclocking tool
  • Profit-switching solutions

By joining Whalesburg miners get 5 out of 5 solutions for easy, comfortable and profitable mining! Just visit the website to see and try the working project. There are no reasons to delay reaching a new level of mining with Whalesburg.

Top-10 Whalesburg benefits

  1. During the test period the working product showed a $100.000 profit.
  2. The project already has large partnership network (Revain, Hydrominer, Wattum, Baikal-mining, CryptoCapitalMining , Orion, Erman Fund and Aurorafund, GTI One, Oddocash) and it is constantly growing.
  3. In house developed OS based on Linux with Whalesburg cloud integration.
  4. The system of monitoring and notification makes it possible to manage the equipment remotely.
  5. Game Theory lies in the base of the mining pool, the system switches and focuses on several coins.
  6. Loss of profit is excluded due to a switching tool which analyzes data and automatically switches to mining the most profitable coins.
  7. The system is protected from failures by an overclocking tool.
  8. The project already works — miners can try its functions and start using it right now.
  9. 4 mentors from top 100 companies support the project: SALT, Revain, Cindicator, and SONM.
  10.  The project was designed and is developed by a skilled team, that includes 20 technical specialists and mostly consists of developers.

Whalesburg is the project crypto community needed so much. As the natural result, the safe, functional and easy-to-use product was met with a stir, and private sale finished much earlier the planned date. Still you have a chance to join this highly perspective project and take part in the public token sale. Visit  the Whalesburg website to get into the whitelist. Keep in mind that the number of places is limited. Grab your chance!

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