Tackling The Next Industrial Revolution: How ‘Time’ Could Forever Change Our Labor Markets

For the first time in history, a human’s intrinsic ‘time value’ is being used as a currency for trading, as time is the energy and very essence of all value creation.

Many of today’s jobs will no longer exist in the near future, and people will not be able to keep up with new requirements in this rapidly changing economy. A disruption is taking place altering life plans all over the world through the mass adoption of new technologies, e.g. automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, bio-tech and blockchain.

“Concepts like a basic income and new forms of digital money are on the agenda everywhere, making room for new ecosystems helping to make up for the lack of old, conventional labor.”

A segregation of low-skill/low-pay and high-skill/high-pay is already happening and social cracks appear in society. However, it is also a brave new world for those who are able to foresee what is coming. Industries will eventually use all these new technologies to raise global income levels and improve the quality of life for populations around the world.

Now imagine there is a place and an ecosystem that uses your ‘time’ and brings it into the emerging world of the blockchain, hence driving the economic growth of its users. Time is common to all people and TIMERS IPM [short for Income/Per/Minute] is its tokenized, digital variant.

“We at TIMERS believe that every person has an intrinsic value and a set of skills that will be needed in this day and age. We also think that an enormous amount of freed-up ‘quality time’ in combination with the right technology will open up new markets and streams of income.”

The Team behind TIMERS is going to create a Forum, this magical place, where all goods and services can be offered or used according to your needs and your very own skills. A central place to meet and communicate allowing for not only on- but also offline trade through geo-based- and near field communication. The Forum will be application driven and accompanied by a simple and easy to use interface, inspired by flow-like design. All of this is powered by the idea that only blockchain truly offers the most efficient transactions and secure protection through intelligent contracts directly from home, within your local community and around the world.

Lastly, a so-called ‘Proof Of Value Creation in a timed verification process [TVM] ensures an incentive operating system similar to staking in blockchain but designed as a basic income for optimal sustainability.

We would like to invite you on a journey that is rooted in a belief that the answer of tackling the issues of tomorrow might literally be found within us.

TIMERS provides a potentially amazing return to all stakeholders through its IPM token pre-sale, which starts on September 22nd (leftover tokens will be burned). Participants will benefit from up to 65% discount until 28th September 2020

Email: TIMERSnetwork@protonmail.com 
Pre Sale: https://tokensale.timers.network 
Web: https://timers.network/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TIMERSnetwork 
Medium: https://medium.com/timers 

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