The Concept of an Anonymous Messenger, Built-On Blockchain — ADAMANT Goes A Step Ahead

The absolute safety and control of private and corporate data is of precedence in the information age. The need for safe message exchanges grows every day as consumers look for protection against relentless hackers and tracking. Such an application should allow users to exchange confidential information safely with friends, colleagues, and clients, without the fear of transferred data being compromised.

There are many popular social networks and messengers that claim to provide anonymity and safety for their users, but demand multiple privacy related entries for their use: Phone numbers, camera-use, microphone-use, location data, email address, social networking account access, all information that is transferred to servers that use the data without the owners knowledge.

The creation of blockchain technology has allowed the founders of the ADAMANT project to design a messenger which guarantees the removal of data message history, and removes the identity of the specific user due to its decentralized nature: for identification of the user only the messenger wallet is used, and the message history is stored within the blockchain. At the same time, it’s currently the only messenger that operates entirely on a blockchain, does not use it partially, with any specific goals as similar messengers.

ADAMANT is an anonymous messenger completely ciphered in a blockchain. You can watch a 56 second video about the project, you will learn that behind the ADAMANT messenger is a future of private message exchanges.

To watch a full-video, follow this link:

The concept of the project and distinctive features of the ADAMANT messenger

The ADAMANT developers have submitted a working-product to the world, a tool that will allow the safe passage of data to be transferred anonymously within a decentralized, private-environment. This is possible due to main comparative advantages of the ADAMANT messenger:

  • Open-access to the source-code and blockchain of the messenger;
  • Storage of messages is located directly in the blockchain,where it loads the history of messages;
  • Removal of user identification: phone number, email address, location and other personal information on mobile devices;
  • Encryption of messages is carried out on the sender’s device, and their decryption happens at the recipient’s device;
  • All work is performed locally on the user’s device;
  • The private key of the user is never transferred by the client application;
  • The IP address of the user can’t be received;
  • Accounts of users can’t be closed, blocked or limited, even by the developers.

Concerning the other features of the ADAMANT messenger, it is also worth mentioning that for ensuring the planned functionality; an Ethereum-based blockchain is not used, but an independent blockchain using an expansion of the Lisk codebase. The integrated payment system of the messenger allows users to transfer tokens via chat. This function will become an excellent opportunity for safe transactions, including those for business purposes and individuals, as it will provide the transmission of messages and documents directly within chats, including an option for digital signatures. The project tokens will also be used for the payment of transaction fees within the ADAMANT platform.

The current stage of development of the ADAMANT messenger project

High volatility of cryptocurrencies and the current collapse of their rates happened due to the fact that the most of them are supported with nothing other than speculation. Real-case uses of the blockchain is almost never met. You will rarely meet real applications based purely on the blockchain.

The ADAMANT Project is a rare example where blockchain technology is really used, and it has already been proven. Moreover, the ADAMANT Platform came to ICO with a real working product, providing some of the stated functions of a messenger (message transfers, reflection of the contact list, etc.) which is realized as a progressive web application for the majority of modern browsers. Anyone can test the messenger already at the stage of pre-sale. For the past several months the project has considerably progressed in development.

The ADAMANT Project has successfully carried out a preliminary stage of its tokensale, having collected about $500,000 (USD) and having reached the Soft Cap. This sum of raised funds allows the team to carry out the development of the messenger’s main functions and to provide support for ADAMANT’s infrastructure. All funds invested in the project during the ICO stage will be directed to attracting the maximum amount of users and to speed up the messenger’s development.

The project is already ahead of their Roadmap. The publication of the ADAMANT messenger for mobile iOS according to the Roadmap was scheduled to happen during the second quarter of 2018. The updated version of the ADAMANT messenger for iOS has already undergone testing in Apple TestFlight and is available for installation. For this purpose, it is necessary to receive at first the tester’s key, then to install the TestFlight application in the App Store, and at the end to enter the received key.

At the moment, (till 6/30/2018) the ADAMANT Project is carrying out its ICO, whereby ADM investors can acquire tokens. For the ADAMANT tokens stored within wallets, they will receive monthly payments sent proportionally to their acquired quantity from unsold ICO tokens. The tokens acquired earlier will grow faster than the tokens acquired at a later time.

The ADAMANT project also offers a referral (partner) campaign by means of which any participant will be able to attract investors and receive 10% of the acquired tokens.

You will be able to find more information about the project on the official website, in the Whitepaper and also on across all social networks.

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