The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) returns for its eighth year this 28th-29th of January, 2021. With cryptocurrencies reaching all time highs, TNABC aims to share knowledge and make sense of the ever-changing global landscape and continue to help shape the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The truly must-attend event will also offer 2021 vision and the opportunity to see, first-hand, new and exciting projects shaping the space. 

For the very first time and for the safety of everyone in the crypto and blockchain community, TNABC will be held online and will continue to prove that the continuous growth of innovation reflects how resilient the global crypto economy can be. The community might be remote this year but remains more connected than ever. 

While the platform is different this year, the quality won’t be as the event platform for TNABC 2021 will also showcase an impressive match making capabilities making networking easy and smooth for attendees aiming to grow their network. This will enable attendees to connect with the right people and have access to everyone’s professional profile right at their fingertips. Attendees will be able to set meetings, chat and engage with other attendees and company representatives as well. 

TNABC is designed to bring ideas and innovation together,and offer unparalleled access to high-profile speakers, panelists, and views into the latest industry trends shaping tomorrow’s possibilities with cryptocurrency and disruptive technology. 

This year, TNABC brings the best and brightest of the crypto and blockchain industry to share insight from the newest innovations to the next bold initiatives, as well as tips in navigating a rapidly-changing world of crypto. Breakthrough and returning innovators, thought leaders and decision makers driving transformation are scheduled to present at TNABC in a powerful program and speaker lineup.

The 2021 conference program will cover: Global adoption of blockchain technology, Institutional investment (inc. Grayscale, Microstrategy, ETFs), Geopolitical threats and opportunities in blockchain (inc. regulatory sandboxes, restrictions), Decentralized finance (inc. DeFi, “Ethereum killers”, yield farming), Central bank digital currencies (inc. Stablecoins, Tether) and much much more will be covered by diversified leaders from across the globe and will illuminate ideas and ignite discussion surrounding the crypto’s future and tomorrow’s financial and social landscape. 

Just a few of the speakers set to take the online stage include 

● Roger Ver, CEO, 

● Nick Spanos, Crypto pioneer 

● Marco Santori, President, 

● Charlie Shrem, Bitcoin Pioneer 

● Charles d’Haussy, Director, Consensys Hong Kong 

● Prof. Olinga Taeed PhD FIoD, Council Member & Expert Advisor, China E-Commerce Blockchain Committee 

● Maja Vujinovic, CEO at OGroup 

● Marco Santori, Chief Legal Officer, KrakenDigital Asset Exchange 

● Charles Hoskinson, Founder & CEO, IOHK 

● Riccardo Spagni, Core Developer, Monero 

● Jenna Pilgrim, Co-Founder & CEO, Streambed 

● Bill Barhydt, Abra 

● Trevor Koverko, Polymath 

● Brian Hoffman, CEO, OB1 

● Mance Harmon, Co-Founder & CEO, Hedera Hashgraph 

● Gabriel Abed, FOunder & Director, Bitt, Inc. 

● Allan Wayne B. Smith, Head Fintech Business Unite, The Government of Bermuda ● Andrew Hinkes, Co-Founder & General Counsel, Athena Blockchain 

● Justin Newton, CEO, Netki 

● Paul Puey, CEO & Founder, Edge 

● Zachary Kelman, Managing Partner, Kelman PLLC 

● Jim Blasko, CEO & Co-Founder, Aspire 

● Lex Sokolin, Global Fintech Head, Consensys 

● Ella Cullen, Co-Founder & CMO, Minespider 

● Emin Gun Sirer, Founder & CEO, AVA Labs 

● Ben Fairbank, CEO & Co-Founder, Redfox Labs 

● Emi Lorincz, Board Member, Crypto Valley Association 

● Tom Trowbridge, Co-Founder, Fluence Labs

TNABC is hosted by the Keynote team which has been producing the largest and most influential events in the blockchain ecosystem since 2013. Keynote is headed by its founder and visionary entrepreneur, Moe Levin. 

Tickets are going fast for The North American Bitcoin Conference 2021 Online. Save your place now for this world-leading and must-attend event. For tickets and to find out more about the event, visit their website BTCMIAMI.COM

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