Unifinity: Powering The Global Women Empowerment Virtual Conference This 2021

During this time of the pandemic, there has been a lot of changes, and one of them is the education system.

Ever since COVID-19 came, the educational system and the way how students learn have transformed from physical to digital, and not a lot of people can adapt to it that easily. Good thing there is a startup called Unifinity. 

Unifinity — A company in the UK that was founded by Filipina Veronica Andrino, and powered by Binance Smart Chain, enables universities and schools to rapidly implement the use of Blockchain technology and smart contracts for various application needs.

And this year, Unifinity is hosting the very first Contactless Virtual Reality Conference entitled the Global Women Empowerment Virtual Reality Conference. This event will now bridge the gap between the tech and the latest trend since we know that Blockchain, VR, Uniques Ltd edition, and digital collectibles will be the next hottest thing this 2021. 

This will also give you an immersive user experience in virtual reality space and provide you a collection of Unique Virtual Avatar that you can store in your blockchain wallet forever.

Together with the top TEDx speakers, award-winning authors, top and well recognized powerful women in the industry, Unifinity and the Global Women Empowerment Virtual Reality Conference will change how virtual events need to be done and will empower every woman of any color around the world. 

This event will happen on March 19-21, 2021, and expect it to provide a unique Virtual Reality Contactless Event experience. 

At this conference, expect a lot of prizes and surprises will be given away. This will also give you blockchain certificates and credentials. Thanks to Unifinity, Loud Bear creatives lab and other sponsors so don’t miss this out.

To know more, kindly follow and like their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/GlobalWomen2021/

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