YouToken Loan: Top Crypto-Backed Loan in the Market

Those of you who do NOT want to spend crypto at a low price can now enjoy a newly launched YouToken Loan service: crypto-backed loan. With YouToken Loan, one can use cryptocurrency as collateral and borrow cash at the high Loan-to-Value rates and at low interest rates.

Why Take a Crypto-Backed Loan?

The crypto-backed loan platform is good for HODLers. Many people who invested at the peak of the market have found themselves in the situation of not wanting to sell their crypto for a loss, but needing cash at the moment.

YouToken Loan offers the option of borrowing cash for crypto collateral, for a pre-defined period of time.

Highest LTV (Up to 70%)

YouToken’s LTV (loan to value ratio) is perhaps the highest on the market (up to 70%). Crypto HODLers can borrow up to $10,000 in cash in an easy and transparent process.

Transparent and Easy-to-Use

In addition to other benefits, YouToken’s platform is both transparent and easy-to-use.

If you know how to use Coinbase or Binance, the YouToken Loan platform will seem like a piece of cake.  The loans can instantly be obtained, plus there are no hidden fees. These benefits put YouToken ahead of its competitors.

Safe and Secure

YouToken Loan’s qualities include bank accounts in Switzerland, an office in Cyprus, as well as the company’s own fund.

Free Tokens for Early Adopters

Available only this month, YouToken Loan offers its tokens (YTN) to its first early adopters. If you get considered an early adopter, YouToken will give you 1 free YTN token for every 10 dollars of your crypto collateral.

This is a great early user deal, and you can get it this month while it lasts.

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