Introducing Stockchain Global ICO!

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Stockchain Global has formally unveiled its revolutionary concept to flatten the world’s financial markets.

Stockchain seeks to improve the global financial markets via application of tokenized blockchain technology to achieve faster, safer, and more affordable issuances, sales, and purchases of financial assets — from equity to bonds, notes, and instruments of all stripes.

Financial products and their markets have in many ways remained unchanged for half a millennium, generating and maintaining dozens of trillion-dollar industries whose sole existence is to service the exchange of financial products between sellers and purchasers. Blockchain technology threatens to disrupt these industries, and it is growing rapidly: according to a PWC survey, 77% of those surveyed expect to adopt blockchain as part of an in-production system or process by 2020, and the blockchain token market cap has increased during 2017 from $14 billion to over $200 billion today.

Stockchain Global will be the only global blockchain-based platform for worldwide financial issuance and exchange markets for all financial instruments and assets, founded on a tokenized approach. The platform is an on-chain solution for the most fundamental features of the worldwide financial instrument system: issuance, tracking, trading, and managing of financial assets, from stocks to bonds and more.

The platform enables issuers and purchasers alike to easily and securely create, maintain, and trade financial assets on the blockchain itself, avoiding concerns with the practicality of tying real-world assets (such as stock certificates, bonding documents, or physical property) to the blockchain space. The Stockchain Global platform, while easy to use, allows for the execution of these functions and others in a more widespread, cost effective, secure, and faster manner than ever before.

The company has assembled a team of experts in international finance, law, marketing, analytics, and market disruption to lead and advise the development of its products to improve financial markets, and is currently considering funding and token sale models.

Stockchain is currently accepting whitelist applications prior to its Presale ICO which begins on January 19th. Bonuses available to early applications.

To see more about Stockchain Global offerings, meet the team, and see examples of everyday financial situations improved by Stockchain, visit and download the full white paper or see additional commentary on its community pages linked below.





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