Coin of the day – Aeternity

Aeternity (AE) is a cryptocurrency of Aeternity, a blockchain platform that allows you to carry out transactions at a high speed and includes scalable smart contracts and decentralized oracles.

Aeternity smart contracts do not write all transaction data to the blockchain, and this provides less load on it and solves the problem of the network scalability. Data is shared through a decentralized application. This model deters fraudulent transactions, because transaction details can be published at any time. Aeternity uses data from independent oracles that provide up-to-date information to smart contracts.

Aeternity’s unique way of handling transactions handles payments off-chain via state channels. Payments go through instantly, while retaining your privacy.

Users pay AE tokens for using Aeternity blockchain. In addition, financial applications on the platform are based on AE tokens. All payments and fees in smart contracts are paid with AE tokens.

AE token price $4,02 USD (-10,84%)
Market Cap $936 819 195 USD
Volume (24h) $31 460 900 USD
Circulating Supply 233 020 472 AE
Total Supply 273 685 830 AE

Recommendation – buy below 0,00043175 BTC ($4,02 USD). Long-term investment. 2018 year target price — up to $12 USD.

Disclaimer: All information about coins is not investment advice.

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Hey Helen, thank you for the article! However, since we have been in the sphere for a long time, we know that price rallies happen quite often. Therefore, what we want people to focus on is the vision, technology, team and community. We want to help people understand blockchain technology better, learn about the challenges it faces and get familiar with the solutions that æternity’s technology offers. æternity is the technological implementation of a vision of openness, fairness, inclusion and opportunity for a global community. A scalable, efficient and secure public blockchain that can be used by everyone -> users, governments and companies worldwide. We want to set the foundations of an open-source platform that brings blockchain applications closer to the everyday person. Anyone interested to learn more can join any of our communication channels and start a discussion. We are open and very friendly 🙂

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