Coin of the day – BTM

Bytom (BTM) is a cryptocurrency of Bytom, an interactive protocol of multiple byte assets. Heterogeneous byte-assets (indigenous digital currency, digital assets) that operate in different forms on the Bytom Blockchain and atomic assets (warrants, securities, dividends, bonds, intelligence information, forecasting information and other information that exist in the physical world) can be registered, exchanged, gambled and engaged in other more complicated and contract-based interoperations via Bytom.

Bytom Features:

  • Compatible with the UTXO model;
  • General address format;
  • Compatible with National Encryption Standard;
  • POW algorithm that is friendly to AI ASIC-chips;
  • Asset naming using ODIN (Open Data Index Name);
  • Separate transaction signatures from the rest of the data in a transaction;
  • Enhanced trading flexibility;
  • Cross-chain asset dividends distribution through side-chain.

BTM token price $0,468713 USD (-3,63%)
Market Cap $462 619 731 USD
Volume (24h) $26 002 000 USD
Circulating Supply 987 million BTM
Total Supply
1 407 million BTM

Recommendation – buy below 0,00006772 BTC ($0,468713 USD). Long-term investment. 2018 year target price — up to $1,406139 USD.

Disclaimer: All information about coins is not investment advice.

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