Coin of the day – CS

CREDITS (CS) is a cryptocurrency of CREDITS, an open blockchain DLT platform with self-executing smart contracts. This is an independent and completely new development based on their own technologies.

CREDITS is a B2B platform (protocol) for companies and developers to create services based on blockchain and smart contracts. The platform also has unique networking features and smart contracts that are not available in other platforms.

CREDITS technologies:

  • New blockchain – the registry is a system of per-transaction recording unlike the classic Bitcoin system;
  • Asynchronous blockchain – blockchain/registry works in asynchronous mode. While the registry is being recorded, a consensus is achieved;
  • New consensus – calculation of the mathematical function based on the last registry hash calculation and subsequent ranking to select the first main and trusted nodes;
  • Advanced, full smart contracts – on the platform you can use new features: cycles: schedules, extended API and other extensions missing from other platforms;
  • Homomorphic encryption – reduces transaction processing time by not having to completely decrypt the data package;
  • Archiving – compression of information up to 90% allows saving space and reducing time to load data;
  • No mining – all coins are issued in advance at ICO. The current main node owner receives 50% of commissions.

The technicians of the CREDITS blockchain platform made testing of the system Alpha version. The goal was to check what is its maximum load and how it is resistant to processing large volumes of transactions, identify its problems and resolve them. The results showed that at the peak load the system could process pool (block) of 488 403 transactions per second.

CS token price $0,532824 USD (-5,75%)
Market Cap $72 769 368 USD
Volume (24h) $1 949 180 USD
Circulating Supply 136 572 992 CS
Total Supply
249 471 071 CS

Recommendation – buy below 0,00008078 BTC ($0,532824 USD). Long-term investment. 2018 year target price — up to $1,598472 USD.

Disclaimer: All information about coins is not investment advice.

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