Coin of the day – IOC

I/O Digital is the swiss knife of blockchains technology. The team is building a multilayered Ecosystem using the I/O DIgital blockchain as a base. The ecosystem will be comprised of public and private interoperable blockchains, to meet the high demand, therefore keeping security and technologically advanced algorithms to facilitate the integration of API for Decentralized based applications..

DIONS will serve as the entry and registry portal to the blockchain system. The DIONS enabled blockchain will comprise of; encrypted alias registration, up to 2MB data storage, transfer of ownership, an AES256 encrypted decentralized messaging system, PGP like key exchange, and a fee driven stake reward system, all within a 4MB, 60 second block time, far surpassing Ethereum & Bitcoin’s capabilities.

 In the near future, by enabling the Chameleon framework IOC, it’s sister chains will benefit with the ability to offload and scale numerous side chains while enabling the sharing of features at the protocol level between all of the blockchains.

 Chameleon will enable 100k transactions per second, surpassing Visa’s network capabilities. The I/O Digital Dev team will be announcing the release of the white paper, along with a DIONS V.2 roadmap soon after the successful release of DIONS.

Screenshot at Jan 29 15-25-33.png

IOC token price $3,95 USD (-14,10%) ; 0,00035600 BTC (-9,44%)

Market Cap $65 110 103 USD

Volume (24h) $317 643 USD

Circulating Supply 16 502 161 IOC

Recommendation – buy below   0,00035600 BTC( $3,95 USD ). Long-term investment. 2018  year target price – up to $7.

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