Price analysis EOS

EOS – is the Most Powerful Infrastructure for Decentralized Applications.


To ensure inclusivity, EOS Tokens have no pre-determined price; rather price is set by market demand. This mimics mining without giving potential unfair advantages to large purchasers.


The EOS Token distribution takes place over 341 days which is expected to provide ample time for the community to familiarize themselves with the project, as well as participate in the distribution.


An Ethereum smart contract proves receipt of incoming funds for EOS Tokens.

Screenshot at Jan 18 10-00-21

Market Cap $6 323 001 819 USD

Volume (24h) $1 625 130 000 USD

Circulating Supply 611,443,833 EOS

Total Supply  900,000,000 EOS

Recommendation – buy below  0.00092486  BTC ($10,34)

Long-term investment.

2018  year target price – up to $20

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