Opportunities are open for cryptocurrencies

As international adoption of cryptocurrency continues to boom, numerous governments have released reports in regards to the prospects of this new asset class, and industries have been actively integrating with the blockchain. US Congress is initiating very lax regulations, most of which are targeting scams and fraud. A number of US states have also been actively bidding to become tax havens for this new market.

The G20 summit has labelled crypto as an asset, rather than a currency, and decided not to implement any new regulations until July. They have deemed it an unlikely threat to the stability of global finance, considering the market cap is less than 1% of global GDP.

Tether (USDT) has also recently passed their audit and presumably proven that they are really backed by USD. They have been holding off from printing more Tethers, but just this morning, they granted another 300 million USDT.

The window of opportunity is now, cryptocurrency has solidified its position in the future of the world.

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