Announcement: The Metaverse mainnet is currently undergoing a sustained attack

Metaverse is a decentralised open platform of smart properties and digital identities, based on public blockchain technology. It has been under continuous attack through a modified future block timestamp, since March 15, 2018.

It is clear to Metaverse Team that this is a large-scale and well coordinated attack.

To ensure a safe community and to get the consensus and the agreement of community, Metaverse Team announce that Metaverse will have a hard fork on March 16, 2018 (GMT+8) at the block height of 1030000 and will release a fixed version within 24 hours from this announcement. All transactions happened in between this timeframe will be discarded.

They also strongly urge users to stop transferring any Metaverse ETP along with any token issued on Metaverse Blockchain. Metaverse Team is going to implement a permanent fix to prevent this type of attack from happening again.

Metaverse Team: «Protecting your assets is and has always been our highest priority! Thank you for your continuous support!»

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