Wallet Starts To Sell Bitcoin and Features for Many Customers From The USA

UK-based, a digital wallet supplier, has declared that they have begun offering users in 22 states the possibility to purchase and sell Bitcoin. In accordanxce with the announcement, the company plans to keep adding services for US-based customers, including Ether and Bitcoin Cash exchanges in coming days.

The step is being seen as a direct attack on Coinbase, which has seen some user rollback in last weeks over decisions to integrate Bitcoin Cash rather than focusing on implementing Segregated Witness. CEO Peter Smith, speaking with CNBC regarding the current state of the market, said:

“If we are prioritizing short-term gains, we would prioritize buy — that is what most people have done. But it’s really time to make sure we nail that experience.”

Recently the company has about 22 mln users, with between 30 and 40% being US-based. The numbers seem to indicate that legitimation is still in its infancy. Dr James Andrew Butler, Co-founder and COO of digital asset platform Sharpe Capital told Coinstelegram:

“The emergence of an increasingly large number of Blockchain service providers, and particularly those that reduce the technical barrier to entry for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, is an emphatic signal to the world of traditional banking and capital markets that Blockchain technology is not going anywhere. The market capitalization of all cryptocurrency currently sits at less than $600 billion, this is a tiny amount in the context of global capital markets. We’re beginning to see the earliest days of mainstream adoption – this is the internet in 1994.”

Bitcoin sale

The day before the announcement saw a large sale for Bitcoin, as costs fell sharply

under $10,000 for the first time since November 30. But, in just 2 days, the market had rebounded and was back on its feet.

At press time, Bitcoin was selling at $11,785, up 28% from the lows of the previous day.

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