Electroneum Enters a Trillion Dollars Used Goods Market With The Ditch-it App Launching It’s ICO

Las Vegas, NV – Jan 26th 2018, The competition in the used goods marketplace is heating up. Ditch-it is the first player in the used goods space for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who sell used goods online and has been termed by some as the “OfferUp Killer”. “Its mobile-first approach has revolutionized local commerce and they have quickly established themselves as the clear market leader.”

Ditch-it that has launched it’s ICO days ago has investors pumped up. Used goods are not even accounted in a country’s GDP, however, the size of the used goods market in US alone is over $300 billion (without including used automobile/housing sales).

Ditch-it is a decentralized mobile classifeds app that allows people to sell and discover used goods nearby for Electroneum cryptocurrency using their smartphones.

Ditch-it makes it anonymous, simple & safe with an easy-to-use mobile app that lets buyers browse videos of offers and sort by category, distance and price. Users can post a free “listing” by taking a few pictures or have the option to use your DICH tokens as featured ad credits to increase their brands awareness. Simply sell with video and set an asking price. The listing then gets exposed to millions of Ditch-it users so you can earn crypto daily.

The Ditch-it ICO has created quite the buzz in the world of Digital Currencies as investors fock to the best ICO’s hoping to cash in on the ground foor and pave the way for their retirement. Analysts have been predicting that this ICO may be among the top ICO’s of the year because of the exponential growth of the Ditch-it user base as well as the companies expansion. When the Ditch-it app launches 1 DICH token will give you $1 in ad credits.

To learn more about this ICO or purchasing DICH tokens for investment purposes, visit their official website at http://www.ditchit.io

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