Hashflare — eye-catching mining platform

Hashflare is cloud mining service from Estonia. It offers you to sign 1 year contract to use their hardware for BTC, ZEC, ETH or DASH mining, so you don’t need to organise own miner farm yourself. It seems like an interesting investment for those who want to get some cryptocurrency and see how it works.

So how it works? Guys from hashflare just invented an easy way of investment — they assign clients to one year contracts to get guaranteed  payouts, which they invest in highly efficient professional mining farms — nothing like what you can build in your garage. Farms are connected to pools, and you decide to which pools you’d like to connect. After that all mined cryptocurrency is distributed among all customers depending on their share in hashrate of the whole system (with guaranteed level of hashrate per customer in contract).

Снимок экрана 2018-02-01 в 20.13.10.png

Among other features are listed:

  • instant connection to servers
  • instant money withdrawal
  • detailed statistics
  • pool allocation
  • fixed fees

Providing extra-features like real-time monitor it looks like an attractive and reliable place for your investment.


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