Rolls-Royce For Sale – Owner Wants Bitcoin

As Bitcoin continues to become far more commonplace in everyday life, more people are starting to sell lucrative items for virtual currency.

The housing market is slowly adopting Bitcoin as a payment method, a number of online platforms accept virtual currencies and you can even buy games on Steam.

It seems this also applies to collectors items, including luxury vehicles.

A Manchester car owner has listed his Gold Rolls-Royce Ghost for sale on Autotrader, but his asking price is not in pounds but in Bitcoin.

A brand new Rolls-Royce Ghost is valued at over £230 000 – but with just under 50,000 km on the clock, you could snap this up for the equivalent of £117,000 in Bitcoin.

According to the Daily Mail, the owner is happy to be paid in Bitcoin, which has been on a massive bull run culminating in a $12,000 high this week:

Why not trade in Bitcoin? I treat it in exactly the same way as normal currency these days. It’s safe, convenient and incredibly valuable right now so, to me, it makes sense to trade my car this way. It’s the future.”


The 2010 Ghost Model also comes with a personalized number plate – for an added fee. Complete with a 6.6-liter engine, the Gold car is as luxurious as its price tag.

The most mind-boggling thing about this sale is that if you had bought £12,000 worth of Bitcoin at the beginning of 2017 and held onto it – you would be able to buy golden Rolls-Royce.

Expect more of this in the future

As the world gears up for launch of Bitcoin futures in the coming weeks, the demand for the virtual currency is bound to grow. Whether or not people decide to hold onto their Bitcoin or sell, there will be a flood of people looking to get into the market.

With more people wanting Bitcoin, we’re likely to see more ‘everyday’ transactions made with the virtual currency. Why not sell more items for Bitcoin as the value of the currency grows?


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