Startup of the day: a game for selling virtual celebrities for ethereum — Сryptocelebrities

The director of Strategy and Analysis of the Mail.Ru Group Alexander Gorny talks about notable projects every day on Here we provide you with his latest speech on blockchain startup from 31st January. 

I was late with the “cryptocats” for a whole week, I was writing about them on the recession. I write about the game called “Cryptocelebrities” before the official launch – they promise to leave the beta version on January 31. Considering the difference in time – after about 15 hours.

The rules are pretty simple. The service generated 400 records about celebrities – from Kim Kardashian to Donald Trump – and sells them to users for a penny. If the right star is already bought, it can be bought out, and the smart contract guarantees a price increase. In the first transactions twice, then – 15%.

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Kim Jong-un, for instance, changed his master 44 times and now costs 100 ETH with a penny. This is equivalent to an apartment in Moscow. However, most likely, someone will buy it for this amount, and the current owner will earn $15,000, and he will pay for the last one in the chain. This is no worse than the average ICO.

The smart contract gives the startup 6% from each transaction, for a week of beta test it has already received $2 million. As long as the pyramid grows on its own, there is enough originality of packaging and a crypto-currency high-tech.

For the future, start-ups plan to add celebrity verification, the real star will receive or send 3% of the transaction to charity and, presumably, PR this idea among fans.

Probably, such a promo will not work, it is unlikely that someone will decide to link their image with an open pyramid. But, on the other hand, cryptography have already earned $2 million without any support.

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