Fire Lotto: Game Must Go On!

Play and win with Fire Lotto – it’s fun and fair!

Fire Lotto is a lottery game built on the Ethereum blockchain.  Everyone who has some coins in his wallet and who likes to play – and win – can try his luck quickly and easily on the Fire Lotto site. To get Ether wallet one can at There is no scam, no games to be arranged. All three games are fair. Just now one have a choice of the 4/20, 5/36 or 6/45 lottery.

How to play?

You can choose a set of number (4 from 1 to 20, 5 from 1 to 36 or 6 from 1 to 45). No pressure – you have full freedom of choice. But if you believe in luck or in what stars say – you can use The Magic Wand. And with its help you’ll get the numbers randomly with fair Random Number Generator.

To start – you buy a ticket with your Ethereum wallet. For each lotto, the system will stop accepting new lottery tickets one hour before the draw. All tickets purchased after that time will be automatically transferred to the next drawing round. Drawings are held every 24 hours. The time of the current drawing is indicated on the lottery ticket.

The winning numbers are random and not known in advance. No one can influence the result of the draw, even the developers of Fire Lotto.

How it works?

An hour before the end of the draw, the purchase of tickets stops. First block of bitcoin blockchain appears after the time of the end of the draw. Bitcoin block hash is not known in advance. From the hash of the block the winning numbers will be get.

What about funds?

The allocation is crystal clear:


What about jackpot?

The minimum size of a guaranteed jackpot is fixed—1000 ETH (about $1,000,000) for the 6/45 lottery. If nobody wins the main prize in a drawing, it will be rolled over to the next drawing and increased. The jackpot will keep growing until it finds its winner. Once a winner is selected, the automated payout will take from 30 seconds to several hours for the system to transfer funds to the winning account.

Lottery stats

Each drawing has a unique index number (e.g., Draw 35). You can use that number to find its statistics in the draw archive for that specific lottery. here is a Statistics tab in the lottery menu. This tab contains information about the number of tickets sold, numbers drawn, jackpots and winners’ wallets (showing how many numbers were matched and what the payouts were). This information can be verified through Etherscan.

What else?

Soon three crypto lottery will be supplemented by one more – Roger Wheel. In which the bets from 0,003 ETH about $2.00) to 1 ETH (about $1,000.00) will be multiplied by the payout rate from 2 to 20.


So – have luck and stay tuned!

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Hey there. I’ve read about firelotto a month ago. I don’t like it’s concept. There are a lot of gambling projects nowadays and we can choose what we want. I’ve found one. The news about it started popping out everywhere and I kinda wonder if its legit and/or worth it. I’m talking about

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